The Microwave Culture

So you mean I could warm up this pizza in the oven for 20 minutes or I could microwave it in 2 minutes….

Let me think about that…




We live in a microwave culture. You want hot food, it is literally seconds away with the invention of the microwave. It’s personally, and sadly the invention that helped me stay nourished throughout college. Beyond just the invention however, our culture has become more and more fast paced. We don’t only want the things we want, but we want them NOW. And if not now, very quickly.


We love the microwave and it has started to leak into our lives!


So no, people aren’t walking around town with a microwave on their shoulder, but they will get pretty frustrated when a traffic light takes to long, or the lady at the target checkout line is going slow.


Those examples are situations we have all probably found ourselves in, but what about when the microwave starts to mess with more. What about when the microwave starts to effect our hearts.


When our spouses, (who aren’t perfect) show us very plainly that they don’t understand our needs, and instead of turning to patience (love is patient…) we blow up on them. Or if your kids don’t learn the first time you discipline them, instead of turning to patience (love is patient) we take it out on them.


And then as group leaders there are those times where we want their to be a microwave version of the study we are going through, instead of spending some time to prepare for the study. We want the people in our groups to grow and mature quickly, because we don’t have time to go through the tediousness of sanctification. Maybe you don’t struggle with some of these thoughts, but I know I do and I can’t help but look to scripture and see that God wants something different for my life.


He give me an example, of just how patient he was with me…

Romans 5:8 God died for me while I was still a sinner.


You may have read that verse before as I have, and sometimes the more I read things like this, I can get calloused to what it is saying. But this verse has so much LIFE in it. God is so good and patient with us continually and we have the opportunity to have that patience as well.


It truly is possible to go through life and go against the norm of the microwave culture. And what is crazy about it, is when we learn to be patient like Jesus was, we end up with a whole lot less stress, and a whole lot more peace.