Listen to ME!!!

Does it ever feel like you say smart things all the time and no one ever notices?


There have definitely been times in my life and there will be many more as well, where it seems like what I say doesn’t matter, or just doesn’t carry the weight that I feel like it should. I feel like I just said something absolutely incredible, inspiring and jaw-dropping, and everyone around me should have fireworks going off around their head, at which point I could just drop my imaginary¬†microphone and walk off the stage with the roar of applause in the background!

Or maybe you aren’t speaking to a lot of people, maybe you are just talking to your wife, or your husband. Maybe you are trying to get your kids to take a chill pill! They should obviously be listening to you because you are telling them something that is of obvious importance, but they are not getting it, or even worse, they are getting aggravated at you!


(I’ve been married for a month now, so I know this is a real thing!)


The truth is there is often times a very real sense from people about not just what you say, but how you say it. People know when you are telling them something because you want to be heard, rather than because you care about them. At the end of the day you can be the smartest person in the room and no one would want to actually listen to you because of your lack of awareness of your own self!


If this is you today, or this was you yesterday, or this is going to be you tomorrow, then you are a lot like me and need a constant reminder of God’s GRACE!


"...few of us like to take time to think about this gift of GRACE that allows us to do everything that we do."


Paul in Romans 12:3 has this line in where he says:


“For by the GRACE given me I say to every one of you…”


If you are like me you have maybe read this verse a ton of times and never really pay attention to the first half of this and only pay attention to the part where he talks about all of us having gifts. Everybody loves gifts, but few of us like to take time to think about this gift of GRACE that allows us to do everything that we do.


I definitely fall in this category! I have had many days where I approach everything I do from the point of view that “I” am in charge of my life, and “I” have talents that “I” bring to the table apart from God’s Grace. I could not be more wrong!


The next time you have an opportunity to speak to someone about something personal, take a minute before hand to think of the GRACE that has been given to you and see if it doesn’t effect the way people listen.


In Love,