Dancing on Disappointments

A big way God speaks to me is through music. I find myself very often singing a song in my head that God is actually singing to me. Getting involved in music at a young age, this doesn’t really surprise me all that much.


There have been many songs over the years that have been pillars for my walk in this life. Songs that have kept me centered when “bad” things happen. I remember when the last serious relationship ended before I met my wife, God broke down some huge walls in my life that had been plaguing me for years. The song that I listened to probably 100 times….”White Blank Page” -Mumford and Sons.


I know, I know…classic break up song.


But the line that stuck out the more I listened to it…


“Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life”

TIME OUT: (I don’t like the categories of Sacred & Secular music. I think they are dumb. I believe when we become a Christian there is no longer the category secular. I have seen too many times when God uses something “Secular” to give himself glory and draw people to himself. Feel free to ask me about this sometime.)

TIME IN: God used this “Secular” song to help draw me to himself during this time in my life. For the first time since my 9th grade year of high school I went over a year without a girlfriend (Yes, I was that guy), because for the first time in a long time, He was enough till fill my insecurities.

Well now at this point in my life there has been a consistent song that has risen to the surface. It’s called “Heroes” by Amanda Cook. It’s without a doubt my wife’s favorite song and has been pretty much since she heard it. The past few months have been busy around our house. My wife rarely works less than 9 hours a day and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. There are days where it is more like 10 1/2 hour days. The word ‘stress’ has become pretty common.

Last week, during what felt like a more particularly rough week, I knew my wife was coming home so I turned on our tv, pulled up YouTube, and put the song on as she walked in the door. I gave her a hug as I do every day, then she smiled at me as she heard the song in the background.

She walked over in front of the couch, faced the tv, and began to sing aloud with the TV. As I stood behind the couch I had a moment with Jesus. The chorus of the song reads…


“Awake my soul to sing with Your breath in me,

I will worship.

You taught my feet to dance upon disappointment,

and I, I will worship.”

As I watched my wife worship, she walked back and forth in front of our couch and I felt God’s peace in our house. I felt His love for my wife during this busy season, and I knew despite the craziness, He was good, and He was present.


In the great commission that Jesus gave before he left Earth, he said 4 things:


  1. Go make disciples
  2. Baptize them
  3. Teach them all that I have commanded you
  4. I will always be with you

Being in ministry, the first 3 tend to take up all my schedule, but I believe God included the 4th line as one of those “Save the best for last” kind of moments. Today God is with you and any disappointment you may be facing is not the end of the story. He has given you the power and peace to dance upon any disappoint because He is WITH YOU!


Stephen Dupree