Step Up, Day 44: Crazy Fleece Prayers

READ Judges 6:36-40 (NKJV) 

36  So Gideon said to God, “If You will save Israel by my hand as You have said–

37  look, I shall put a fleece of wool on the threshing floor; if there is dew on the fleece only, and it is dry on all the ground, then I shall know that You will save Israel by my hand, as You have said.”

38  And it was so. When he rose early the next morning and squeezed the fleece together, he wrung the dew out of the fleece, a bowlful of water.

39  Then Gideon said to God, “Do not be angry with me, but let me speak just once more: Let me test, I pray, just once more with the fleece; let it now be dry only on the fleece, but on all the ground let there be dew.”

40  And God did so that night. It was dry on the fleece only, but there was dew on all the ground.

This story is incredible. God is so patient with Gideon. We see that God doesn’t mind showing Himself to someone that is truly seeking Him. It can be easy to believe the lie that you are not supposed to test God. In this story it is very easy to see that God is not intimidated by our questions. This story leaves us with a couple of questions… 

First, are seeking God with a genuine heart?

Second… Are you willing to ask God to do absolutely impossible things?

The reason God picked Gideon is because he was willing to believe God for the impossible and was courageous enough to ask God for it. What audacious and crazy prayers are you believing God for today?


Spend your time in prayer today in a quiet place that you really know you can be alone. Today there is no time or room for polite prayers but instead offer up to God a real prayer. What are your real fears, concerns, and requests? What is keeping you from taking those things to the Father today? Ask God to remind your of His power and confirm His calling upon your life.