We believe that sharing the Gospel and Love of Christ with others is the most important thing we can do as the body of Christ.   We can show that love through our actions, words, care, clothing the poor, feeding the hungry, giving to those who have none, and so much more.   There are many opportunities to serve our community and world at Ignite.  Please join us in these events and activities to spread the Gospel through action!


Back Pack Pals

 Ignite Church has the amazing opportunity to help feed over 85 children at Ridgewood Elementary School, and Pactolus School every weekend through Backpack Pals. Ignite’s Backpack Pals Ministry began in January 2012 when we learned that numerous children throughout Pitt County were going hungry over the weekends.


How Can I Help?

1. You Can Pray.

Prayers are needed for the children, their families and their circumstances. Backpack Pals is significantly impacting the lives of the children, their families and the school. We want to be able to help more and more families through this ministry and your prayers and support will make that happen.

2. You Can Volunteer.

We have teams that pack and deliver the bags to be taken to the school each week and if you would like to be a part of that team then please contact us at Marybeth.wadford@ignitechurch.com

3. You Can Give.

Donations are always accepted on Sunday mornings at Ignite.

Donate individual sized, non-perishable foods such as:

Proteins: Chef Boyardee lunch cups, Vienna Sausages, Beanie Weenies

Fruits: Applesauce cups, fruit cups, raisins

Breakfast: Pop Tarts, cereal boxes or cups

Snacks: Pudding cups, gelatin cups, chips, nabs, pretzels, animal crackers, granola bars


 You can also donate financially.

It costs $18 to feed a child for 4 weeks, or $180 for 1 year.

You can give to

Back Pack Pals


 Just type “BACKPACK PALS” in the special instructions.


If you have any missions opportunities or ideas, please let us know how we can help.

Visit our Contact Us page with any details.