3 Things to Lead Your Family Better Today

Now there are are a lot more than three things that I think Father’s could put into their lives that would help them lead their families better, but I want to give you guys three. (Ladies, these things can help you too!)


1. Connection to THE Father

The first thing that dads really need to do that I think very few dads are doing is understand how important it is for them to be connected to the heart of the Father.

And I know that’s Christianity 101…


At our church, speaking very frankly, my guesstimate (because I’m not in people’s homes), is that probably  25% or less have a regular time early in the morning when they first get up where they seek the face of the Father. They make sure that the beginning of their day, the very beginning, before they speak a word to their wife, before they speak a word to their kids, before they do anything, that they spent time with Jesus. That they spent time really seeking Christ. Asking God… “What are you trying to show me today?” “Who do you want me to be today?”

So practice number one and I know that you’ve heard this but guys JUST DO IT. Please! Set your alarm twenty minutes early. Get up, roll out of bed, put on coffee, which is what have to do, every single day. I have coffee waiting for me, with an automatic timer that cuts on at a certain time. Take a moment and be with Jesus. That way when your wife walks out of the bedroom and is frantic because she needs you to do something or you didn’t do something, your response is going to be so different. Or, if that kid pops out and you realize that in the middle of the night they messed up their bed or did something?

The response is SO different.

The inclination of your heart is going to be different after you spent time with Christ than it would be if you had not done that. And so number one, develop the discipline and the habit for your family. Don’t do it for you, do it for them. Do it as a leader unto them.


2. Talk about Jesus with your family.

I know that terrifies guys that aren’t pastors. It’s still scary for pastors too, because our kids know we are pastors and they don’t want to hear more Bible from us that they are already forced to.


There are such great resources now: YouVersion app, Life.Church has a kids Bible app, you can have on your phone, iPad, you can pop it up on the Apple TV, or your computer, it’s awesome!


If your kids are a little older, me and my son are already reading an Action Bible by Crossway. It’s a comic book Bible and it’s legit! And it’s gorgeously illustrated. And you know, you get to see Samson slaying people with the jaw bone. It’s very engaging for kids, especially for boys, because boys like comic books better typically.


But get your family together, show them what it means to read and pray five to ten minutes. Put it on your calendar. You’ve got to put it on a calendar, and say we are doing this just like karate or whatever else. So number two, intentional time where you are showing them the importance of the Bible.


3. Pray over your family.


You pray over your children.


And again, it’s intimidating, but you thank God for your children out loud to them. That you are thankful for them. You pray for their day, the next day. If they go to school, you pray for their schools. You pray for whoever is watching them that they would show respect. You pray for those things. For my daughter Gabby for instance, listening to her teachers, that she would absorb information. That she would show Christ love to her friends. That kind of stuff.


And then finally, you pray over them who Christ can make them to be. I am already praying over Gabby and Nathanial and over Zachary and Jeremiah that in their generation that they would lead so many more people to Jesus than I ever could. That they would have kingdom impact in ways that I will never be able to. I pray that over them, and I just believe that as your kids absorb that, it’s going to be hard for them not to walk into that. It doesn’t mean that they are going to be pastors, like I said that you don’t have to be a pastor. Let them be a doctor and see hundreds of people come to know Jesus through how they practice medicine.


Pray over them every single day.


Mark 1:35, Deuteronomy 6:6-9


Those are my 3 things for you dad’s this week! Do them today to lead your family better.


– Jason


For the audio of this conversation with Pastor Jason check out his conversation